Turkey to spend $320 mln to strengthen tourism


The Turkish Tourism Ministry and the private sector will contribute a budget of $320 million to strengthen Turkey’s tourism sector and expand to new markets via advertising.

The Tourism Ministry, which has focused extensively on advertising activities since last year, will launch a new project with the cooperation of tour operators and hoteliers.

The ministry will contribute $120 million from its budget, while around $200 million will come from the private sector to be used to advertise and promote Turkey internationally, the Turkish Daily News (TDN) reported on Wednesday citing Turkish magazine, Ekonomist.

The budget will be used to retain Turkey’s current status among crucial tourism markets, as well as to focus on advertising in new markets, the reported added.

“New projects are being developed to promote Turkey in collaboration with the sector,” TDN quoted ministry official, Levent Demirel as saying.

According to Ekonomist, the promotional activities aim to increase tourist numbers to 60 million by 2012 and to increase tourism revenue to $50 billion.

Turkey aims to attract 25 million tourists and receive $25 billion in tourism revenue in 2008.

The advertising activities also aim to expand Turkey’s tourism season to 12 months of the year.

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