SCTA gives hotels a one year ultimatum


The Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA) granted hotel owners a one year ultimatum to make the necessary adjustments according to the new hotel classification stipulated in the new hotel executive charter, which became mandatory two days ago. Hotels will keep the previous classification, which was issued by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, until it obtains SCTA’s new classification. The new charter included 33 mandatory articles dealing with safety measures, human resources, quality assurance, special needs facilities, a clear administrative matrix, Saudiization and hospitality standards, among others.

Recently the Council of Ministers granted SCTA the supervision authority on the accommodation sector, issuing the operational accreditations regarding tourism jobs and activities and tourism accommodation, in addition to organizing, classifying and monitoring the accommodation sector. SCTA’s Licensing and Quality Assurance Department set a new classification compatible with the international five-star classification of hotels and furnished apartments, in which SCTA will start implementing the new classification soon to present products that are capable of providing competitive quality, performance and services.

Eng. Ahmad Al-Eissa, the general manager of quality assurance and licensing department, stated that the accommodation sector is one of the most important tourism potentials, and it has a big impact on the tourism sector and national economy. Tourism is a productive, sustainable and effective industry, and it is a tool that has a positive impact on all national economy aspects.