Thailand – Emergency Degree

Tuesday, 02 Sep 2008: Three Groups have already cxl this morning mainly from the govt sector but also a local MICE function and we are receiving cxl from FIT Corporate Japanese.

The question of whether 5 or more pax can meet under the emergency degree will wipe out conference market. Bad news if it is enforced.

Action to be taken : Cxl all casual staff and all overtime. Occupancy is down to 55% and dropping it could reach 40% if things dont improve. Normally we would anticipate 75% in September, which is the start of the rainy season and one of our quieter months. Bedroom floors are to be closed to conserve energy.

Strikes that will effect water, electricity and transportation is going to lead to some restrictions to tourists but at present all airports are now operating normally.

99% of Thailand remains largely unaffected…the ‘hot spot’ is in and around Govt House, an area to be avoided.

The effect of the military on the streets will give a message that things are actually worst than they are.

We expect September business to be effected in all three major revenue areas;rooms;restaurants and conference and banqueting. The loss could be as high as Bt4 million for our Bkk property alone.

Skal Bangkok meeting next Tuesday is likely to be cxl.

HRH Prince Andrew’s visit to Bkk organised by the British Chamber of Commerce and evening function at the Grand Hyatt on Wednesday 3rd Sept 2008 has been cxl.

Driving into work this morning everything was normal, traffic was normal and people appeared to just be getting on with things as yesterday . There were no signs of any military and the police were directing traffic as usual.