Oregon tourist dies in Mexican jail


An Oregon tourist is dead after being taken to a Mexican jail Wednesday August 27th.

Sam Botner, a crab fisherman, decided to travel to San Jose del Cabo near Cabo San Lucas with his wife Kim to celebrate his return from Alaska.

Kim says after four days they felt taken advantage of because they did not speak Spanish. They were planning to return home early to the small town of Yoncalla.

Wednesday, August 27th the couple had returned from dinner around 8:30pm. Kim Botner says they both went for a swim in the ocean. Her husband Sam, went up to their rented condo to change while she stayed on the beach.

A short time later Kim said she heard her husband shouting and angry. She ran to the parking lot and saw a man sitting on the ground. She said Sam had gotten into a confrontation with a security officer working at the condo, then into a fight with the man, who they did not know.

Police arrived, handcuffed Sam Botner and took him to jail.

Kim said he was resisting the officers – but did not deserve to die in the Mexican jail.

“I’m sure he was resisting,” said Kim Botner. ” But he was handcuffed the whole time, they told me that. And within one hour after they arrested him he was dead. I’ve seen 29 pictures after they arrested him and they beat him to death,” said Kim Botner.