Bermuda: Air arrivals up, cruise down


Today Minister of Business Development and Tourism Patrice Minors provided information on the tourism statistics for the first six months of 2011.

The total amount of visitors to Bermuda for the second quarter of 2011 was down 3.5% with 243,858 tourists visiting the island during this period, compared to 252,734 in 2010 – which Minister Minors said is primarily due to a decline in cruise and yacht arrivals.

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The air visitor category increased for the second consecutive quarter of 2011, as air arrivals rose almost 4%, with a total of 80,462 visitors flying into the island during this period, up from 77,512 in 2010.

All countries of origin showed increases this quarter, except Canada, which experienced a 13% decline. Visitors from the US, UK, Europe and the rest of the world conversely all showed increases of 7%, 1%, 8%, and 5% respectively. Cruise visitation in the second quarter of 2011 dipped by approximately 10,000 passengers ending with 161,036 cruise visitors for the quarter.