Australia issues travel advisory warns of high risks for travelers to US


In a fresh travel advisory issued on Sunday, the Australian government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has warmed of “high risks” of terror attacks on domestic and international flights in and to the United States.

In an indication of a high risk of terrorist attacks, The US Department of Homeland Security has advised System Threat Level Orange for all domestic and international flights, according to the advisory. “It is at Yellow or ‘elevated’ for all other sectors, indicating a significant risk of terrorist attacks.”

The travel advisory also included warnings over extreme weather conditions nd threats to travelers as authorities orders New Orleans to be emptied due to threats from hurricane Gustav. However, the hurricane, which some had dubbed as the “storm of the century,” had weakened on Monday, delivering only a minor scratch to New Orleans compared to the disastrous flooding brought by Katrina three years ago.

“There is severe weather, including hurricane conditions, affecting the southeast coastline of the United States,” added the advisory.

As hurricane Gustav crossed the Gulf of Mexico with wind speeds of 125 miles per hour, it left behind a battered Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti and Jamaica with 81 deaths, according to latest reports.

Three years after ago, Hurricane Katrina struck the US Gulf Coast, killing more than 1,800 people and caused as estimated US$81 billion of damage to the New Orleans. Katrina was the deadliest natural disaster the US went through in almost eight decades.