Indonesian tourism to take advantage of Hollywood flick


JAKARTA, Indonesia – Indonesia will take the advantage from the filming of Hollywood movies to promote tourism, a senior official at Indonesia’s Tourism and Cultural ministry said here Tuesday.

The filming of a Hollywood movie, entitled “The Philosophers” began late last week here, will be filmed entirely in Jakarta.

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“It has the direct impact of promoting tourism and adding jobs to the economy. It also gives us more opportunities to showcase the country, its values and culture, which increases the world’s understanding of Indonesia,” Syamsul Lussa, the ministry’s director of film affairs was quoted by a local media as saying.

Indonesia also saw the making of a Hollywood big-budgeted movie “Eat, Pray, Love” in Bali a few years ago that eventually attracted foreign and domestic tourists into the island over the last few years.

Local actors and actresses were recruited to co-star in “Eat, Pray, Love” that was starred by famous Hollywood actress Julia Roberts.

Julia casted a character, Liz Gilbert, who sought peace in mind by travelling to Bali and interacted with local people on the island.

In “the Philosophers”, the film producer also recruited some local talents to co-star in the psychological thriller. It also involved local staff experienced in movie making.

John D’Arcy and Bonnie Wright, the co-star of Hollywood “Harry Potter” sequels and “Master and Commander”, will co-star the movie that would entirely be filmed in Jakarta.

The movie was a story about a group of students in philosophy class who were challenged to reboot human race after a nuclear war takes place.