Work Boat Gulf to take place in booming Bahrain


The Gulf is now a major center for the workboat industry with multi-billion dollar offshore land reclamation development projects running concurrently with major oil and gas projects. With this in mind, Bahrain is more than ever before keen to engage foreign specialist companies to contribute to the Kingdom’s booming economy.

With oil and gas production alone contributing nearly 20 percent of gross domestic product growth, Bahrain has topped the list of economic growth in the Gulf Council Countries (GCC) with its focus on the high productivity sectors of finance, marine and manufacturing.

“Bahrain at this stage will need these types of enterprises, institutions and factories, especially as the country has witnessed rapid residential development in all fields and sectors,” said Dr. Hassan Fakhro, Minister of Industry and Commerce recently.

Now, for the first time, Baird Events is bringing an exciting new show to Bahrain, catering specifically to the work boat market in the Gulf. From offshore service vessels, to tugs, ferries and fishing boats, Work Boat Gulf 2009 encases a wide range of work boats.

The passenger ferry market in particular has taken off in recent times, with regional demand for high-speed vessels carrying up to 300 passengers on the increase.

Many of the world’s leading designers, builders and suppliers of a wide range of work boat equipment have already signed up for Work Boat Gulf 2009.

Work Boat Gulf 2009 will be held from April 6 to 8, 2009 at the Bahrain International Exhibition Center.