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Tourism Minister promises 100 per cent employment for locals

Tourism Minister promises 100 per cent employment for locals

Singotam, a historic temple town about 100 kilometers away from district headquarters near Kollapur Mandal in Mahbubnagar, India is set to become a popular tourist and pilgrims spot in the district.

Singotam also called as Singapatnam is famous for the historic Sri Laxmi Narasimhaswamy temple, constructed 400 years back by the Jetaprolu Samsthana Kings of Surabhi dynasty. The temple is built on the bank of Singasamudram, a gigantic water reservoir spread across more than 10 kilometres area.

After receiving flak from locals for not employing them under the Somasila and Singotam tourism project, Tourism Minister Srinivas Goud on Monday told Express that 100 percent employment would be provided for them.

The development came days after several locals from Somasila and Singotam told the newspaper that they were not given any job opportunities while the project was under construction for the past three years.

Claiming that the Telangana government’s priority was towards the locals, the minister said that special training would be provided to those who would be given a job at the site.

D Manohar, Managing Director of Telangana State Tourism Department Corporation (TSTDC), said that the newly launched tourism project will generate over 150 jobs at Somasila and Singotam.

He added that while a few technical job positions will have to be filled by the outside people, other jobs will directly go to the locals.

“As soon as tourists start coming in, the locals will be involved, especially with boating, hotels, food courts, and other activities,” he added.

Earlier, several locals claimed that while the project was under construction for the last three years, no jobs were offered to them.

“The project was under construction for more than three years. Till now no official came to visit the site or even talk to the locals. It was only a day before the inauguration that we were called to clean the place and were give Rs 250-Rs 300,” said a local.