Greece: From the point of view of a Greek


Greece has indeed received very bad publicity in the last year because of its ailing economy. You know everybody is asking about Greece and the current situation. It all comes down to greed and consumerism. People got used to want a lot more than they need in the last few decades. They were convinced that everything can be accumulated by borrowing more and more on an individual and country basis. They thought that some time in the distant future, magically all debts will be repaid by someone. Everybody suddenly had to realize that it is NOW and EACH ONE OF US who has been responsible for the state of affairs in our lives. The United States] is in over 14 trillion debt, but nobody is pushing the case because the world economy will collapse!

The US government keeps on printing dollars with no real value and saves large corporations, which are in reality bankrupt.

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Greece’s debt is 500 billions [euros] (a fraction of the US debt), but it has been targeted for reasons I do not know. The question to ask is: If all western countries are in such debts and bankrupt, which corporations and individuals these huge amounts are owed to?

For more information refer to this site which gives a breakdown of debts for each country:…_external_debt

Now back to tourism. I do not think our tourism will be affected much because, as usual, the media focuses on isolated demonstrations and violence while the whole country is calm and peaceful. During the last demonstrations, we had 500,000 people [from] all walks of life and children demonstrating peacefully in the center of Athens. The powers [that] be sent 50-100 troublemakers and there was isolated violence. All TV and media focused on this side. Why? The troublemakers were sent by those who do not want the freedom of [the] Middle Class to demonstrate peacefully. The media always aligns with these powers to suppress the average Middle Class person who hopes for justice and a reasonable standard of living. All austerity measures and taxes imposed on Greece since the “crisis” have targeted the Middle and Lower Classes. The bankers and financiers who generated this crisis are unaffected and are trying to recoup losses for their investors by taxing the Middle Class masses. I think this sounds familiar to you as it also happens in the US.

I expect that Greece will have a normal season in tourism and it is also benefiting from the crisis in the Arab countries. So people will choose to come to Greece this season instead of going to Egypt or any other middle East countries. [Recently] Greece got a new government through a cabinet destructing EU [European Union] has pledged to…help Greece steadily to get out of the financial crisis. This will take years, [if] not, say, a generation, but in the short term, nobody, including the US, wants Greece to default. If Greece defaults, this will [be] dragged down EU and will have a serious effect on the world economy.

[This] may have [given] a broader analysis than the one you inquired [about]. It was an opportunity for me to express and share some truths [on] how things really are, not what the media and the powers [that] be want the average person to believe.