Intellifares announces public fares available November 1


MORRISTOWN, NJ (August 26, 2008) – Intellifares, Inc. announced that it will make its patented airfare stabilizing product, Intellifares, available to the general public for the first time. Intellifares, which substantially reduces airfare for pattern and repeat travelers, has only been offered to wholesalers in the past. This move is designed to allow those travelers who fit into the category of repeat and pattern travelers substantial savings without the traditional markup applied by wholesalers.

On November 1, Intellifares plans to make fares available for over 200 routes in over 50 cities worldwide. Intellifares revolutionizes the airfare industry by creating a commodity to create substantially lower prices for airfare. The current backlog of customer inquiry is expected to be fulfilled prior to the November 1 launch date.

Intellifares CEO Peter Gallic described the move as bold and revolutionary. “Never before has a program been offered which gives ongoing benefits to repeat customers in the airline industry. This product also has the ability to enhance profitability of any airline even in the worst economic circumstances by bringing a new form of expense management to the table,” Gallic said.

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