Staycation? Forget about it!


The “staycation” trend may be moving on, at least for the remain- der of the year, according to a recent Travel Industry Association/Ypartnership travelhorizons survey.

A July study of 2,231 U.S. adults revealed that only 9 percent are planning a “staycation,” or home-based vacation, as an alternative to a vacation they otherwise would have taken out of town during the next six months.

This is a significantly lower percentage than expected by industry analysts.

One in seven American leisure travelers said they had taken a “staycation” during the past six months.

When asked about the reason for their anticipated “staycation,” respondents stated “gasoline prices are too high” (61 percent), “travel in general is too expensive” (44 percent), and “am cutting back on discretionary spending” (43 percent).

In a surprising disclosure, among those adults planning to take a home-based vacation during the next six months, one out of five (22 percent) expects to stay in a local hotel, motel or resort at least one night.

This suggests that many Americans still plan to “get away,” even if their destination is local.

Other results from the survey:

» 83 percent of U.S. adults would travel more for leisure if they had more money.

» 63 percent believe that leisure travel brings family members together.

» 58 percent feel that leisure travel is very important to their well-being.