Air China launches express customs clearance in Australia


BEIJING, China – Air China recently launched an express customs clearance service in Sydney and Melbourne which will allow Air China’s VIP passengers to pass quickly and easily through customs. Air China is the first Chinese airline to launch this service on any China-Australia route.

Air China officially launched this exclusive express service on its Australia routes on April 15th. Air China’s VIP passengers, including business class and Platinum card holders can obtain an Express Customs Clearance card and business class lounge when then check in at Sydney at Melbourne airports. Cardholders will be able to bypass the queues at the security gate and customs.

VIP customers flying to Australia will be able to obtain the Express Customs Clearance card from cabin crew onboard their flight. They will be able to bypass the queues at customs and quarantine in Sydney and Melbourne, which normally take about an hour. The introduction of the Express Customs Clearance card will save a lot of time for passengers at the congested Sydney and Melbourne airports.