“7 Golden Rules” revealed by study of royal romances

LONDON, England - Kate Middleton's met her prince. Want to meet your own?

“7 Golden Rules” revealed by study of royal romances

LONDON, England – Kate Middleton’s met her prince. Want to meet your own?

Well, forget kissing frogs and start thinking strategically. That means attending university (ideally, Cambridge), playing sport (ideally, tennis), getting the right job (media or showbusiness) and targeting the right countries (Scandinavia or Monaco).

In short, follow the “Seven Golden Rules” for meeting a prince, compiled by social networking site Badoo.com, after analyzing 107 royal romances worldwide since 1945.

“Until now, the only known strategy for meeting a prince has been to kiss lots of frogs”, says Lloyd Price, Marketing Director of Badoo, the world’s largest social networking site for meeting new people. “We’ve produced the first practical strategy based on analysis of historical data.”

To Catch A Prince: Badoo’s “Seven Golden Rules”

1. Think Global – Nearly Half Of Princes Marry Foreigners

2. Target Europe – Ideally, Monaco or Scandinavia

3. Get Educated – University Is The New Royal Marriage Market

4. Get On Your Party Shoes – Princes Like To Party

5. Think Sporty – Best Of All, Play Tennis

6. Get A Job – Ideally, In Media or Showbusiness

7. Fame Helps – Boost Your Odds By Being Famous First

You don’t have to be royal yourself to make Badoo’s rules work. Nearly three-quarters (71%) of the women who romanced European princes in Badoo’s study were commoners, like Kate Middleton; and 63% were foreigners.

So, one Badoo rule states: “Target Europe”. European princes are the most likely to marry both commoners and foreigners. Best of all, target Monaco or Scandinavia.

Another rule: “Get Educated – University Is The New Royal Marriage Market”. Not just did Kate meet William at Scotland’s St Andrew’s University but 10% of Badoo’s women met their princes as students. Best, target Cambridge, the only university to produce more than one royal romance.

Parties are also good for meeting princes; the more you attend the better. Best are parties given by mutual friends.

Sport is another good way to meet your prince. But some sports, like polo or, best, tennis – are better bets than others, like snooker or darts.

Finally, get going. There are more princes out there than you think. The princes in Badoo’s study came from 30 countries, 33 royal families and four continents. At least one must be right for you.

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