Lufthansa crew member dies in Bangalore hotel


BANGALORE: Alexander Kourik who was found dead under mysterious circumstances on Sunday in the bathroom of hotel Oberoi had hung `do not disturb’ board outside his room. The housekeeping personnel did not knock at his door after they came across the board.

Lufthansa Airlines officials grew suspicious when Kourik did not respond to their calls to return for the flight. The airline informed the hotel management which attempted to open the door without any success. A technician was called to break open the door.

The body was shifted to Bangalore’s Bowring hospital and police were waiting for the arrival of Kourik’s family.

Police suspect that Kourik may have killed himself and are investigating the case. But no suicide note was recovered from the room.

Police said Kourik checked in early Saturday morning. “He was a crew member with Lufthansa Airlines flight, flying Bangalore-Frankfurt via France. He arrived at the hotel early Saturday morning and locked himself in,” a police officer said.

Oberoi reaction: “The incident was reported May 1 early morning. The local legal authorities have been immediately notified. They are investigating the matter and the hotel shall cooperate wherever its assistance is required,” a hotel release stated.