HONIARA, Solomon Islands (eTN) – Staff at Henderson International airport in Solomon Islands say they are more confident about their ability to identify a bomb hidden in a passenger’s bag following a workshop held by the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI).

RAMSI participant Peter Bachen said the training also tried to reinforce what could happen if suspect items were moved or touched by untrained people. To demonstrate the importance of being alert to suspicious bags, airport staff were shown images of a bomb technician killed in an explosion, a suitcase wired to explode on a phone call and an airplane crash which killed over 200 people after a bomb explosion.

Airport security training officer Jennifer Kela thanked RAMSI for providing the training and said that airport security remains the responsibility of everybody, not just the police. She told participants they all have to take responsibility for the security of the airport.

Participants consisted of members of the Solomon Islands Police Force, Customs, Quarantine and Aviation Security.

The workshop came as part of a move by the airport to be accredited by the International Civil Aviation Organization as an approved international airport.