French Senate votes ‘Oui’ for Absinthe


LONDON, England – Yesterday the French Senate finally voted to lift the ban against absinthe in France. British brand La Fee, in partnership with Marie Claude Delahaye at the Musee De L’Absinthe in France, became the first brand to distill absinthe in France in 2000. This followed 85 years without any production of absinthe after a ban in 1915, and initially all absinthe produced in France was exported.

George Rowley, managing director of La Fee, comments on the vote: “We are delighted to see France embracing the absinthe category again. We were first to distil in France, exporting initially to the UK, and continue to drive the renaissance of this fine spirit around the world.’

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Marie Claude Delahaye, Director of the Musee De L’Absinthe, France, adds: “Absinthe has a rich heritage in France that resonates across the globe as sales of quality absinthe continue to grow. Visitors to our museum are fascinated by the history of this product and we applaud the French parliament for this historic decision. La Fee captures the aroma and taste that great writers and artists such as Rimbaud, Toulouse~Lautrec and Vincent van Gogh enjoyed at the end of the 19th century.”

Last year, La Fee, in association with the Musee De L’Absinthe presented a dossier of evidence to present to La FFS [French Federation of Spirit producers] to support the case for completely legalising absinthe once more in France.