Top 10 hotel projects in Germany


HAMBURG, Germany (August 14, 2008) – The German hotel market growth continues. 410 new hotel construction and renovation projects are currently in progress. The largest hotel projects, with more than 1,000 rooms, are both located in the state of Brandenburg in Eastern Germany. The largest city hotel project is the Scandic Hotel Berlin with 572 rooms. According to® approximately 66,000 hotel rooms will be constructed or renovated in Germany within the next five years.

“More than 270 projects are first class or luxury hotels,” Rolf W. Schmidt, managing owner of CHD Expert Germany and COO of®, said. “With over 60 luxury hotel projects, this market segment grows by over 30 percent.” Today there are approximately 11,200 hotels in Germany in operation, 208 of them are five-star rated, luxury hotels.

In spite of the financial crisis, investments in new hotels in Germany are impressive. In the capital of Berlin alone, 34 construction and renovation projects are in progress. In Frankfurt/Main, 15 hotels are projected and in Munich, 13 new hotels will be opened within the next few years.

Two-thirds of the new hotel projects will be operated by hotel chains or hotel groups. Six new hotels will be branded by Hilton or Hilton Garden Inn, three by ArabellaStarwood and five new hotels by 25hours, a new lifestyle hotel group from Germany.

Top 10 Hotel Construction Projects in Germany

1 – Aqua Casa Resort, Sedlitz in Brandenburg, 1,000 rooms, opening 2009
2 – Tropical Islands, Krausnick in Brandenburg, 1,000 rooms, opening 2010
3 – Priwall Waterfront, Travemunde, 800 rooms, opening 2011
4 – Port Olpenitz Resort, Kappeln, Schlei, 750 rooms, opening 2012
5 – Scandic Hotel, Berlin, 572 rooms, opening 2010
6 – Andel’s Hotel, Berlin, 557 rooms, opening 2009
7 – Discovery Land, Goldberg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, 500 rooms, opening 2010
8 – Sunpark Bostalsee, Nohfelden in Saarland, 500 rooms, opening 2011
9 – Gateway Gardens, Airport Frankfurt am Main, 500 rooms, opening 2016
10 – Motel One, Steindamm Hamburg, 464 rooms, opening 2010

Worldwide more than 2,500 new upper-scaled hotels and resorts with over 640,000 rooms are projected – 50 percent will be luxury hotels, 50 percent first class hotels. The largest hotel project is the “Asia Asia Hotel” in Dubai with 6,500 rooms (opening planned in early 2010). The top ten projects each have more than 2,800 rooms. Sixty percent of all largest hotel projects are located in the US.