Congo is in for more bad news


Information received from Eastern Congo indicates that the regime in Kinshasa has engaged in some airborne re-supply of arms and ammunition to their troops based in the Goma area and their allied militias via the airport in Goma during past weeks.

Some sources speak of at least half a dozen plane loads of war materials, causing concern over a renewed “arms race” in the East of the sprawling jungle nation, where government friendly militias, including the dreaded genocide killers of 1994 in Rwanda, the “Interahamwe,” are still pitted against predominantly Tutsi self protection forces with but one objective, not to let another genocide happen to them ever again.

Foreign officials expressed their concern over the developments, and MONUC, the UN peacekeeping force, is also under scrutiny as they are alleged to have favored one side of the militias over the others in the past. The BBC again recently published a lengthy report, an add on to previous stories filed about allegation of ineptitude and corruption amongst the MONUC troop contingents.

The peace agreement signed early this year no longer seems to bind the protagonists in seeking peaceful solutions through dialogue as the actions of the Kinshasa regime served clear and unmistakable notice to all that another round of armed conflict seems coming.

Meanwhile, reports emerged during the week that a very large number of lowland gorillas were found in Northern Congo, which had hitherto not been discovered by external researchers, but were apparently n to local populations and hunters.

The discovery will raise attention levels on the Kinshasa regime, how they will respond to the find and protect the animals. Kinshasa’s record on animal protection is rather poor so far, with a group of mountain gorillas poached last year in Eastern Congo and the last remaining Northern White Rhino population wiped out when the regime allowed the Ugandan terror group Lord Resistance Army to take refuge inside the Garamba National Park, where they slaughtered elephant, rhinos and other game for food and trade in animal products like rhino horn and ivory.