Death for taxi drivers over Aussie tourist murder


An Indian court has sentenced to death two taxi drivers who were found guilty of murdering an Australian tourist in 2004, reports say.

Police said 59-year-old Dawn Emelie Griggs was stabbed, raped and robbed by Jyotish Prasad and Ashish Kumar within hours of her arrival in New Delhi, India’s capital.

“Jyotish Prasad and Ashish Kumar, for the offence of brutal murder of the Australian tourist, you will be hanged till death,” said Additional Sessions Judge Vinod Kumar to a packed courtroom yesterday.

The court also fined Prasad and Kumar Rs 3000 ($80.65) each, the Press Trust of India reported.

Ms Griggs, a writer and educator from Byron Bay, landed at New Delhi airport in March four years ago to join a meditation course.

She arranged for a prepaid taxi to drive her from the airport to a suburban ashram.

Instead, she was taken to a deserted field near the Indira Gandhi International Airport and murdered by the driver and associate.

Prasad, 28, was arrested soon after the body was found and Kumar, 31, was detained four days later.

Both have been in jail since their detention.

They were initially charged with murder and robbery. The charge of rape was added after further medical evidence.