Saudi Travel and Investment Market announces conference program

RIYADH CITY, Saudi Arabia (eTN) - In only two weeks, the Saudi Travel and Investment Market (STTIM) will take place between March 27-31, 2011 in Riyadh City, the capital of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Travel and Investment Market announces conference program

RIYADH CITY, Saudi Arabia (eTN) – In only two weeks, the Saudi Travel and Investment Market (STTIM) will take place between March 27-31, 2011 in Riyadh City, the capital of Saudi Arabia.

Participants will have the opportunity to get to know, listen, and benefit, from experts in travel and tourism development, as well as building partnerships for sustainable tourism development.

Here is the STTIM agenda:

“Issues Concerning the Integrated Local Tourism Experience”

Sunday 22/4/1432HD corresponding to March 27, 2011

Opening Ceremony
“Tourism to Promote the Sources of National Economy”
His Excellency the Minister of Finance
Dr. Ibrahim bin Abdul Aziz Al-Assaf
“Tourism and its Role in Creating Job Opportunities”
His Excellency the Minister of Labor
Eng. Adel bin Mohamed Fakeeh
SCTA Documentary “Responsible Development”
The President of Saudi Commission for Tourism & Antiquities
HRH Price Sultan bin Salman bin Abdul-Aziz
The Sponsor of the event, the Governor of Riyadh
HRH Price Salman bin Abdul-Aziz
Honoring the Sponsors
Opening the Accompanying Exhibition

Monday 23/4/1432HD corresponding to March 28, 2011

First Session
“The Impact of Government Action on Tourism Investment”
Main Speaker: Mr. Mohamed Hassan Al-Ameer
Executive Director of Al-Reyadah International Company
Moderator: Mr. Rashid Abdullah Al-Muqeet
Vice President for Business, Development at Al Tayyar Group
Eng. Abdulaziz Ali Alabdulkareem
Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs for Technical Affairs
Member of the Board of Directors of SCTA
Dr. Ahmed Saleh Alkhalifa
Assistant Deputy Minister of Electricity Affairs
Eng. Zaki Mohammed Farisi
Chairman of the Consultant Engineer
Zaki Farsi
Capt. Mohammed Ali Jamjoom
Vice President of Economic Safety and Licensing in the General Authority of Civil Aviation
Dr. Salah Khaled Albakheet
Vice President of Investment in SCTA

Second Session
“Financing Tourism Projects to Support Domestic Tourism”
Main Speaker:
Dr. Fahad Saleh Al Sultan
Secretary-General of Council of Saudi Chambers
Moderator: His Excellancy Dr. Hamad
Vice Minister of Finance
Sulaiman Al Bazei
His Excellancy Mr. Sulaiman
Governor of the General Saad Alhumaid Organization for Social Insurance
Mr. Mohammed Abdullah
Governor of Public Al kharashy Pension Agency
Mr. Abdulkhareem Abu
Chief Executive of the Al Nasser National Commercial Bank, Al Ahli
Mr. Abdulmohsen Abdulaziz
Chief Executive Al Fares of Alinma Bank
Eng. Abdullah Abdulrahman
Director in Charge of the Al Owain Agricultural Development Fund

First Workshop
“The Professional Management of Furnished Residential Units”
Main Speaker: Mohammed Salem
Chairman of the Board of Al Nashwan Directors
and the managing Director of Heart Group

Second Workshop:
“Event Organizing Investment”
Main Speaker: Dr. Moqbel Abdullah
Director-General of Al Saqer Al Moqbel Group
Moderator: Mr. Haitham Abdulkhader
Director-General of Mersal Naseer Village
Mr. Khalid Nasser
Director of Al Khaleej Al Ghamdi Entertaining Foundation
Mr. Khalid Abdulrahman
Director-General of Hudood Al Al- Doghaim Qemma Foundation
for Festivals and Exhibitions Organization
Mr. Mohammed Nasser
Director of Najran Assembly of Al Mirdif Culture and Arts
Mr. Bandar Abdulrahman
General Manager of Mawrood Bin Moammar Company

Third Workshop
“The Contribution of Regions in the Development of Tourism Offers”
Moderator: Dr. Jasser Sulaiman Al
Executive Director of Qaseem PTO Herbish
Eng. Mohammed Mubarak Al Dossari
Mayor of Al Baha Region
Dr. Faisal Abdulkhareem Al-Khamees
Secretary-General of َQaseem Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Mr. Abdullah Monser Al Khamees
Assistant of the Secretary-General of Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Mr. Abdullateef Mohammed Al Afaliq
Executive manager of Al Ahsa Entertainment and Tourism Company

Tuesday 24/4/1432HD corresponding to March 29, 2011

First Session
“The Quality of Tourism Services and their Impact on Tourism Growth”
Main Speaker: George Mekhalif
Director of Malta Hotels & Restaurants Association
Moderator: Eng. Ahmed Mohammed Al-Issa
Director of the General Directorate of Licensing and Quality
Dr. Abdul-Aziz Abdul Rahman Al Ohali
Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport for Transport Affairs
Eng. Fahad Mohammed Al Jubair
Al Ahsa Mayor
Dr. Ayed Abdullah Al- Amri
President of the Saudi Arabian Quality Council
Dr. Francoi Bedard
General Manager of the International Center of Excellence for Destinations

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Second Session
“Tourism and Youth”
President of the Session: Dr. Saleh Abdul-Aziz Al Nassar
Director of National Youth Strategy
Moderator: Dr. Abdulmohsen Abdullah Al Hajja
College of Tourism and Antiquities in King Saud University (KSU)
Dr. Nizar Hussein Al Saleh
Secretary-General of National Center for Youth Studies- KSU
Mr. Fahad Thunayan Al Thunayan
Member of Riyadh Chamber of Commerce Council and President of Youth Commission
Dr. Hamed Dhafi Al Sharara
Member of Ash-Shura Council
Dr. Abdullah Abdul-Aziz Al Yousef
Undersecretary of the Ministry of Social Affairs for Welfare and Social Dvelopment
Mr. Salah Nasser Al Saeed
Director-General of Field Affairs at the General Presidency for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice
Dr. Saad Sanad Al Sanad
Deputy Director-General at of Student Activities at the Ministry of Education
Mr. Hammam Nasser Al Juraid
Young man
Ms. Ohoud Ali Al Ghamdi
Young woman

First Workshop:
Main Speaker: Dr. Yahya Mohammed Abu Al Hassan
President of International Organization for E-Tourism (IOETI), and Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Company of Memphis Tours
Moderator: Dr. Fahad Ibrahim Al Jarbou
Executive Director of Al Tayyar travel Group
Mr. Abdulrahman Ismail Tarbzouni
Google Regional Director in the Arab Region
Mr. Fahad Saud Al Ghamdi
General Manager of Ejazti Electronic Gate

Second Workshop:
“Products, Crafts, and Handicrafts Marketing”
Main Speaker: Mr. Majid Mohammed Al Anzan
Director-General of Postal Operations- Saudi Post
Moderator: Mr. Ali Ahmed Al-Hamad
Director of Al Ahsa Social Development Center
Ms. Reem Khalid Jamei
Director-General of (Hirfa) Association
Ms. Fawzia Abdul-Rahman Al Tasan
Director of Al Faisalia Women’s Charitable Association
Ms. Sheikha Saleem Al Harbi
Director of (Aja) Charitable Fund
Ms. Badreya Ahmed Al Othman
Director of (Princess Jawaher) Center-Dammam

Third Workshop:
“Tourism Investment at Al Baha”
Main Speaker: HRH Prince Mishary bin Saud bin Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud
Governor of Al Baha
Moderator: Dr. Mohammed Turki Mulla
Executive Director of Al Baha PTO
Eng. Sami Saeed Al Angari
Mr. Abdullah Ali Al Majdoui
Mr. Majed Abdulmuhsen Al Hokair
Mr. Faisal Abdulla Al Mutlaq
President of the National Committee for Tourism

Tourism Excellence Award Ceremony

Wednesday 25/4/1432HD corresponding to March 30, 2011

10:00 am-12:00 pm
First Session
“Working I the Tourism Sector ”
President of the Session: Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Al Issa
Director-General of Gate Academy for Language Teaching and Training
Moderator: Dr. Abdulla Al Shdadi
President of Namaa’ Al Ma’rifa Group
Mr. Ahmed Saleh Al Humaidan
Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Labor for Saudis Employment
Mr. Mohammed Ibrahim Al Mejel
Vice President of the National Tourism Committee in the Council of Riyadh Saudi Chambers
Dr. Adel Ahmad Al Saleh
Deputy Director-General of Human Resources Development Fund for Training and Employment
Dr. Nasser Aqeel Al Tayyar
Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Al Tayyar Group Co.
Mr. Mohammed Shahin Hussein
Executive Director For Administrative and Staff Affairs in Al Madinah Oberoi Hotels
Mr. Ibrahim Mu’-awwadh Al Faty
Director-General of Makkah Hilton
Mr. Naif Abdul- Aziz Al Tamini
HR Director-General at Four Seasons Hotel

Second Session
“The Investment in the Arabic Calligraphy Art and its Applications in Trades and Handicrafts”
President of the Session: Dr.Idham Mohammed Hanash
Professor of Architecture and Islamic Arts in the International Islamic University of Science-Jordan
Moderator: Dr. Mohammed Adbul-Allah Idrees
Professor of Urban Design in the Institute of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques for Hajj Research-Umm Al Qura
Mr. Luai Saeed Ramadan
Investor in the Copper Crafts Business and President of Jordanian Association for Crafts and Folk Arts
Mr. Ibrahim Saleh Al Anzawi
Investor in the Field of Ceramics and Interlocutor on the Requirements of Crafts and Rural Materials
Prof.Ahmen Mahmoud Al Mufti
Professor of Civilization and Architecture Arts at the university of Damascus
Dr. Manal Marshed Al Harbi
Assistant Professor of Sculpture in the Art and Design College

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