Some love US tourists, while some love us not


They love us in South Korea, Lebanon and Great Britain. In China, Mexico and Turkey? Not so much.

Those are some of the findings in the 2008 Pew Global Attitudes survey of 24 countries on attitudes about American travelers. A majority of respondents in 14 foreign countries have a favorable view of American guests. Some highlights:

Among Americans’ favorite travel destinations, the nation in which they are most liked is Great Britain, where 70 percent of residents say they have a good opinion of U.S. travelers. Opinions of Americans also are high in Japan (65 percent), France (64 percent) and Germany (55 percent ), which also rank among the top 10 nations visited by U.S. residents.

Two other most-visited nations, Canada and Italy, were not surveyed this year, but have a history of positive attitudes toward Americans — 76 percent in Canada and 62 percent in Italy in last year’s survey.

» Americans received only a 44 percent approval rating in Mexico (the top top-ranked travel destination for U.S. residents), 38 percent in China (the ninth most popular travel destination for Americans) and 41 percent in Spain (the 10th- most frequented destination).

» The most positive opinions came from South Koreans, 77 percent; Lebanon, 74 percent; Poland, 70 percent; and Australia, 66 percent.

» The least favorable rating for Americans comes from Turkey, where a measly 13 percent voice a positive view, followed by Pakistan at 20 percent and Argentina, 24 percent.

To read the full report, visit www.pewresearch .org.