Bringing hidden India into the tourism limelight

Bringing hidden India into the tourism limelight

India has a rich heritage of culture, crafts, music, and other attractions to hold the attention and fancy of tourists from all over the world.

Within the country, there are diverse products and features unique to the different parts and regions of the nation.

Often, some areas and arts get more attention than others. People like S K Misra have taken it upon themselves to take on the laudable but challenging task of bringing the lesser-known places into the limelight, to nurture the crafts and arts.

Azamgarh, a sleepy small  district in Uttar Pradesh, is one such area. It will be receiving exposure in Delhi from December 4 to 11 when 3 districts from Azamgarh will have their artists come to the capital, much to the delight of both locals and tourists who may not be able to travel to Azamgarh.

Nizamabad, Mubarakpur, and Harihapur artists and musicians will come to Delhi and showcase the rich products and talent of the artists.

Some of the 300- or 400-year-old crafts have to be nurtured and promoted or they may die, points out Misra.

He has had a distinguished career in the government but has always been involved in culture and tourism. He headed the civil aviation, tourism ministries, and was an aide to prime ministers. Misra was with ITDC and made Haryana Tourism a popular name. After a long stint with the cultural trust, he launched the rural cultural promotion. The Azamgarh festival in Delhi is part of that effort.


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