Lotus Network grows in the first half of 2008


The Lotus Network (www.lotus-network.com), founded in 2006, has registered strong growth in 2008 when the group met for their annual board meeting in Zurich. The directors of all the country offices met to celebrate the acquisition of a record number of clients to date in 2008, including the acquisition of 20 new national tourist boards. Lotus clients range from national and regional tourist boards, hotel groups, airlines and other travel related products and destinations.

When asked what was the foundation of their success, president Vittoria Chiappero from the Italian office (Adam Integrated Communications) said, “Our success lies in our highly-experienced personnel across all European offices reinforced by high levels of effectiveness in their market, as each office is independently owned.” The Lotus Network’s past and future growth rates strongly support their slogan “Turning Goals into Success. Together”.

The group is presently detailing further plans for development as the most successful communication network in travel. In 2008, the Lotus Network opened two additional European offices in Munich and Madrid taking the total to 14 offices operating across the key European travel markets. Further expansion is planned with offices due to open across India and in the USA. This expansion will ensure that the network moves from a European group into a highly-effective global network. This is particularly advantageous for national tourism boards and hotel chains, who would like to deal with one specialist communication agency rather than different companies in each country.

Particularly satisfying was the close of 2007 which registered 25% growth with a total turnover of Euro 15,000,000 and over 140 tourism clients.