Hong Kong Express Airways increases flights throughout Asia


HONG KONG (August 1, 2008) Hong Kong Express Airways continues to
strengthen its presence and position in Asia as the carrier of choice in Hong
Kong with increased services and new routes.

With a firm understanding of market needs and demands, Hong Kong Express
Airways recently launched daily services to Shanghai and Beijing, as well as a
four flights a week service to Seoul. The carrier is planning new routes to Osaka, Phuket, Denpasar and Manila in September, as well as additional routes to various cities in Japan in October.

Raymond Ng, director, Commercial, Hong Kong Express Airways said, “We are
delighted to strengthen and diversify our network and provide passengers with
increased flexibility to travel throughout the region.”

Okinawa has emerged as a hot-spot for Hong Kong travelers, especially beach
lovers and divers. From August 1, 2008, Hong Kong Express Airways’ Hong Kong
to Okinawa service will be offered daily to meet the growing demand.

“At the same time, we have rescheduled some of our less-traveled routes and
reduced capacity on others to minimize the impact of rising fuel prices. This will include the temporary suspension of the Hiroshima and Okayama services
beginning September 1, 2008,” said Mr. Ng.