Tourism Stands Ready to Support Egypt

The United Nations World Tourism Organization is closely monitoring the rapidly evolving situation in Egypt in coordination with several public and private sector organizations through the Tourism Emergency Tourism Network (TERN).

As of 04/02/11 it is estimated that at least 100,000 tourists remain in Egypt, but this number is steadily decreasing. No major airport and flight disruptions have been reported and remaining tourists have been able to leave Egypt unimpeded, when wishing to do so.

Beyond the immediate impact, one must not forget that Egypt is and will continue to be an important tourism destination worldwide; immensely rich in history and cultural legacy, factors which will ensure it remains a privileged destination, once normalcy is established. Past experience tells us that tourism has proven to be an extremely resilient sector. Besides, tourism is a key economic activity for Egypt, representing as much as 11% of its GDP and generating millions of jobs.

UNWTO hopes for a quick return to normalcy, peace and stability in Egypt and trusts that with normalcy, tourism will resume quickly in all parts of the country. The tourism community stands ready to support the Egyptian tourism sector and help continue building tourism in Egypt as a key driver of socio-economic development and wellbeing.