Tourists should take dollars to Olympics


Tourists heading off to the Olympic Games in Beijing, China next week have been urged to take additional funds in US dollars.

Visitors holidaying in China are limited to bringing 600 Yuan ($880) into the country with them.

However, according to experts at M&S Money it is worth taking any additional funds in US Dollars.

Fraser Millar, M&S head of travel services, also suggests that travellers do not take only cash to the games.

He said: “Travellers shouldn’t just rely on cash and we recommend using a mix of cash, credit card and debit card to cover their foreign spending.

“Also ensure you have the necessary visa to enter the country.”

Backpacking tourists travelling to China are best applying for a visa at the closest Chinese Embassy, according to authorities.

The Beijing Tourism Bureau expects between 500,000 and 550,000 overseas visitors in the city for the games.