eTN Inbox: Tibet is open for visitors

Tourism is running smoothly despite political changes in Nepal. There was marginal tourist decline in the last 3 months because of the restriction imposed by China to Tibet travelers.

Though the news said Tibet was officially opened from 25th June, the Chinese Embassy here in Kathmandu were not providing visas to the tourist, they just have informed us that now they have permission to give visas to the Tibet travelers, so we welcome you and your clients for Tibet Holiday.

Visit to the Mt. Kailash is open also for visitors but now the new requirement is that visiors must start their tour from fly into Lhasa and exit at Zhangmu or fly out from Lhasa, as per the latest information from our contact in Lhasa, it is not possible to drive Mt. Kailash via Zhangmu. The group visit must consist of same nationalities and individual visit is not allowed.

Now about the Nepal, the recently concluded presidential elections in the Republic of Nepal have given a new twist to Nepali politics. The Maoist must have also learnt that arrogance and obduracy do not pay. They failed to achieve their objectives and disillusioned all those who had started building castles in the air!