Taxi drivers will be taxi drivers. Even in Bahrain


A tourism hotline to catch greedy taxi drivers could be on the way in a month, the GDN has learned.

It will also offer information and advice on other problems faced by tourists in Bahrain, said tourism, marketing and promotion project chief executive Mohammed Nass.

He revealed the decision had been taken in part following reports that Bahrain’s taxi drivers were ripping off foreign customers.

One of the latest incidents involved an elderly American woman who was charged BD25 for a ride from Bahrain International Airport to Bab Al Bahrain to meet friends.

The woman was reportedly unable to find her friends, ran out of cash and spent four hours in a hotel refusing all offers of help.

“Problems like this could be better handled on the spot and tourists could call us directly to ask for help or information they need regarding any problem they are facing,” said Mr Nass.

He added that staff at the hotel where the American woman sought refuge contacted Tourism Affairs, who were able to help her.

“We can’t prevent all problems all the time, but at least with the existence of a helpline people will be able to get the advice or directions they need to overcome their obstacles.”