Frontier Airlines announces new fee and policy changes


DENVER, Colorado – Frontier Airlines today announced it is eliminating its current standby policy and updating fees related to some reservation changes. Customers changing to a different flight the same day of their scheduled flight will receive a confirmed seat on the new flight, if available, and will now be charged a fee for the difference, if any, between their original fare and the then current price of the new flight.

“This new policy adds convenience for our customers who need to change their travel last minute,” said Frontier president and CEO Sean Menke. “Anyone who has tried to fly standby without a confirmed seat knows the frustration of not knowing if you will make the flight. With this new policy, customers will immediately know if they have a seat or not.”

Allowing all customers confirmed seating for specific flights eliminates the delays in boarding standby customers who have to wait until the last minute to board. This change also helps Frontier better track capacity needs and provide more appealing flight schedules based on customer demand. Frontier’s EarlyReturns(R) Summit members may change their flight for a confirmed seat on an alternate flight anytime on the day of travel, free of charge.

Also, customers that change their original reservation in advance of their travel date will now be charged a $150 change fee, plus the difference in fare. These fee and policy changes are effective for tickets purchased on or after July 25, 2008 for travel on or after August 15, 2008.