What American travelers prefer to eat while on vacation


DALLAS – Marinara and mozzarella are what U.S. travelers prefer to feast on while traveling, according to the latest survey. The survey was based on travelers’ eating habits including regional cuisine selections, meal plans versus exploring local restaurants, and the staple cuisine of road trips, hangovers and homesickness – American fast food chains.

U.S. Travelers Get Selective When it Comes to Cuisine

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The survey found that almost two-thirds of travelers make it a point to try the local cuisine when traveling. Only six percent surveyed said they would not stray off the beaten path, and would only eat cuisine that they were familiar with. Of those polled, 13 percent were not even willing to try any local cuisine at all. Twenty-nine percent had chosen a destination because of its cuisine, and 18 percent prefer to eat at an American fast food chain instead of a local restaurant.

To Meal Plan, or Not to Meal Plan – That is the Question

Meat, eggs and cheese are a staple of a true American breakfast; many international hotels serve “American-style” breakfast as a meal plan option, which is often included in the price of the room. The hotels.com survey revealed that over 40 percent of U.S. travelers prefer the breakfast meal plan, while only seven percent are looking for an all-inclusive option. Thirty-six percent of travelers polled seek out local markets and restaurants instead of opting for a hotel’s meal plan.

The Most Popular Cuisines, “Drum roll please…”

1. Italian

2. American (tie)

2. Mexican (tie)

3. French

4. Chinese

5. Japanese

6. Greek

7. Spanish

8. Indian

9. Other

10. Lebanese