Seychelles at Millionaire Summit in Singapore

Seychelles is being represented at the "Millionaire Summit," taking place on December 6 in Singapore.

Seychelles at Millionaire Summit in Singapore

Seychelles is being represented at the “Millionaire Summit,” taking place on December 6 in Singapore. The “Millionaire Summit” is organized as part of Millioniare Asia, a regional multi-channel platform targeted at high-net worth individuals and business owners. Seychelles’ participation at this summit is in part due to the Seychelles Tourism Board being a proud sponsor of the summit. One of the main sponsors alongside Seychelles is the global leader of luxury car manufacturing BMW.

Heading the Seychelles delegation at the summit will be Mr. Peter Sinon, the Minister for Investment, Natural Resources, and Industry; alongside Myrna Michel, who is the Seychelles regional director for Asia and Australasia and oversees the Seychelles Tourism Office in Singapore; and David Germain, Seychelles’ regional director for Africa and the Americas. Also attending the event will be Susanne Rose-Lundeby, Seychelles’ Tourism Ambassador for Singapore. The “Millionaire Summit” will be a great opportunity for getting Seychelles noticed as the ideal getaway, and its representative will be all out to spark interest in our destination.

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Seychelles brochures and other promotional materials will be on display for guests to browse. There will also be a 15-minute presentation on Seychelles by Minister Peter Sinon who will showcase Seychelles as a holiday destination and as a welcoming country for investors. Speaking to the press before the departure of Minister Sinon to Singapore, the CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board said that Seychelles was now moving into Asia and remained determined to entice visitors from that important region to Seychelles. President James Michel, who holds the tourism portfolio for the islands, visited China and South Korea earlier this year to set the working base for the Tourism Board to move to establish representation in China and to consolidate its presence in South Korea and in Singapore. Seychelles has a Regional Director based in Singapore who is set to strenghten this office with a second staff memebr early next year. The Seychelles Singapore Tourist Office is the country’s main Asia Office from which India and Australasia is also covered.

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