Rwanda Hotel and Restaurant Association calls for higher standards


(eTN) – A meeting of the Rwanda Hotel and Restaurant Association (RHRA) last week confirmed the setting up of committees aimed to promote improved customer services but also hygiene and sanitation across the hospitality sector in the country. The association made it clear that they were firm in their efforts to promote standards equitable to those found in the other countries in the region so that the “in country” experience of visitors can be raised to the levels of satisfaction expressed when visiting Kenyan or Tanzanian hotels, resorts, and safari lodges.

It is also understood that a new tourism law is presently in the making which, when passed and related regulations have been promulgated, will demand a range of criteria to be met before licensing, or re-licensing for that matter, can be effected.

Rwanda has in recent years made a concerted effort, through the Rwanda Development Board (RDB), other government institutions, and the private sector, to improve customer services through a range of workshops and training sessions for stakeholders, raising awareness. Beyond this, however, RDB has also been paying greater attention to the establishment of tourism and hospitality training institutions as a way to train the workforce intent to start a career in the industry and offer refresher courses for those already in employment but in need of greater skills.