offers its first official traveler’s grant


Berlin – The travel community will help fund a travel expedition by giving away a grant valued at up to $7,500 USD. Travelers from all over the world can apply for the first travel scholarship until August 28, 2008. plans to offer their traveler’s grant to the traveler who submits the most extraordinary travel itinerary, in the most exotic destinations. Whether it’s a motor bike through the desert or a canoe along the Amazon River; there are no creative boundaries. The traveler’s grant will be issued internationally and posted in English and German. The winner of the grant will be announced on September 1, 2008. founders, Daniel Hoffmann and Axel Lehmann, plan to focus on creativity as a focal point when reviewing the applications. Travel plans far away from mass tourism are especially appealing. Unique voyages reflect the character of the community – is a world-wide platform for individual travelers to share their adventures and exchange their experiences with other travelers.

The travel grant will be awarded to the applicant who best exhibits the following three criteria:

– The planned journey contains an exciting route, far away from mass tourism and gives an insight into the cultures and way of life.

– The applicant is able to demonstrate that s/he will be able to contribute to regularly with updates on their adventure.

– The content added to is interesting, well presented and serves to benefit the community.

Anyone can apply on until August 28. The journey that best exemplifies our outlined objectives will be awarded with a grant of no more than $7,500 USD.

More information on travel grants can be found at