Seychelles launches Cultural Tourism drive with the support of 9 local artists with their Sesel Sa CD

A group of nine Seychellois artists rallied to support the Seychelles Tourism Board's drive to launch in earnest what their Tourism Board had been calling "Cultural Tourism." In the presence of Minist

Seychelles launches Cultural Tourism drive with the support of 9 local artists with their Sesel Sa CD

A group of nine Seychellois artists rallied to support the Seychelles Tourism Board’s drive to launch in earnest what their Tourism Board had been calling “Cultural Tourism.” In the presence of Minister Vincent Meriton and Secretary of State Barry Faure, Alain St.Ange, the CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board and eTurboNews ambassador, took the podium at Pierre Delplace’s Le Meridien Barbarons Resort to launch the “Sesel Sa” CD. “We are thankful to the artists who have rallied to present to Seychelles and for all our visitors a music CD with what they have called the eternal songs of Seychelles,” Alain St.Ange said.

“The new vision of the island’s tourism industry, the “Seychelles Brand,” depends on more than our sun, sea, and sand assets; we need to give a better place to our people and to our culture, and tonight we are seeing the launch of this cooperation between the public and private sector partnership move to another dimension with our artists, joining together to give Seychelles a new tool with which to market Seychelles,” the islands’ Tourism CEO added.

The Seychelles Tourism Board worked with Derek Savy and Gilles Lionnet, the CD promoters, and executive producers on the concept of this music CD that has brought to life songs of days gone by that fell into the group of island songs regarded as eternal songs. “This is a project of local artists who got together to bring to life our cultural assets,” Derek Savy, Producer of the CD, said when he addressed the gathered sponsors and supporters, “It is our first volume, and before we bring out a second volume of our loved songs, we shall be issuing an instrumentsl version and a kareoke version of this volume one CD.”

Mr. Vincent Meriton, the Seychelles Minister who attended the evening, said that artists are the life of our cultural assets, and he moved to personally congratulate all te nine artists for their effort and dedication for Seychelles culture.

Minister Meriton was presented a “Sesel Sa” CD by Derek Savy before a live performance of the twelve songs was performed by the artists present. On that “Sesel Sa” CD, Derek Savy sings the Mickey Mancham song “Everybody Loves the Seychelles,” France Hoareau sings the old Tony Beamish song played in the 1970s by the Nightshades Band “Follow the Wind to Cousin,” and “Garden of Eden,” the “Sesel sa” Kamtole Avan 4 song written by El Manager is sung by Marime. The veteran Patrick Victor sings his own much loved “Return Praslin” and “Aldabra” songs, El Manager sings his own La Digue song “Later Madilo,” Jacques Confait sings Mickey Mancham’s “Sunset over Silhouette” and “Going Back to the Seychelles,” and Radley Weber sings the Mickey Mancham’s “Oh Rolling Sea.” Raymond Clarisse sings Mickey Mancham’s “Tou le Zour dan Lari Bazar” and Pat Nanty sings the 1970s Daniel Belle’s song “Adieu les iles Seychelles.”

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Sir James Mancham, the Seychelles former President and brother of the artist Mickey Mancham, issued a message for the launch of the “Sesel Sa” CD, which is printed on the CD back cover and states: “As you navigate through life, take time to play in the waves and to listen to sweet music. It is against such a premise that I commend the initiative of Derek Savy and the Seychelles Tourism Board to launch this CD to promote cultural tourism in Seychelles in harmony with the voices of many great Seychellois singers, including my late brother Mickey. Even now I can hear the echo of Mickey’s voice chanting ‘Seychelles un pti pays sa un pti paradi avek ban zoli fiy dan zot bikini.’ This CD will certainly contribute to the revival of the Seychellois traditional joie de vivre and besides, add joy to all those wishing to travel through life as if the heavens were their guide and nature their constant companion.”

Many in the Seychelles business community rallied together to ensure that this Cultural Tourism CD was produce,d and the promoters did all that was possible to ensure that the sponsors were acknowledged during the CD launch evening by presenting to each one of them a copy of the “Sesel sa” CD. The Seychelles businesses whose support made it possible to get this project off the ground were: Labriz Silhouette Resort, Hotel L’Archipel of Praslin, Eden Island, Patatran Village of La Digue, Le Meridien Fisherman’s Cove Hotel, Cable & Wireless Seychelles, Takamaka Bay Rum, Air Seychelles, Seychelles Breweries, Le Meridien Barbarons Hotel, Constance Ephelia Resort, Constance Lemuria Resort, Kreol Style Surf wear, Tom Bowers Sculpture, Helicopter Seychelles, Tante Mimi Casino of Praslin, Seychelles in your Pocket Tourist Guide Book, Airtel, Paradise Sun of Praslin, and MCB Bank.

Alain St.Ange, the CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board, had this message printed on the “Sesel Sa” CD: “The Seychelles Tourism Board is proud to promote ‘Sesel Sa’ Vol. 1 – Eternal Songs of Seychelles, for the way that the featured artists have revived those evergreen ballads so that they will forever live in our hearts. This collection is also symbolic of the way Seychelles will increasingly focus on cultural tourism to showcase the impressive diversity and vibrancy of our Seychelles Creole Culture through cultural exchanges, forums, and similar activities. We invite each and everyone to join us in our endeavors to further increase the exposure of our destination worldwide. Everybody loves the Seychelles….”

PHOTO: Sesel Sa CD Cover & artists and government officials posing for a souuvenir picture – Radley Weber, Patrick Victor, Pat Nanty, Derek Savy, Minister Vincent Meriton, Beverly Isaac, Alain St.Ange, Raymond Clarisse, Jacques Confait, Marime, Glen Pillay, Elsia Grandcourt, Gilles Lionnet, Barry Faure

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