Hawaii A Voice For Sovereignty named Best Environmental Film at Red Nation Film Festival in Hollywood


HAWAII – “Hawaii A Voice For Sovereignty” was named “Best Environmental Film” at the closing ceremony of the Red Nation Film Festival in Los Angeles on November 9, 2010. Hosted by Joanelle Romero, filmmaker, Catherine Bauknight accepted the gold-plated bronze statuette of a female Native American women on behalf of the Native Hawaiian people. This historic event is remarkable, because it is the Native American Indian’s first public recognition of the Native Hawaiian’s quest to reclaim their sovereign rights in Hawaii.

Hawaiians speak out in their own voice in the film about their growing social movement to reclaim their sovereignty, to perpetuate their culture, and to assert their indigenous rights. The film had a special event screening at the Universal Periodic Review of the United Nations in Geneva on November 3, 2010.

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Since the premiere of this exciting, inspirational film at the US Capitol Building in Washington, DC in 2009, it has also won awards at the Maui International Film Festival, the NY International Film Festival, the Maori Film Festival in New Zealand, the Berkeley Film Festival, and the America Indian Movement Film Festival West in San Francisco.

Follow “Hawaii A Voice For Sovereignty” on its path to raise awareness throughout the world at www.hawaiiavoiceforsovereignty.com