Flavors of Malaysia

The Grace Hotel Sydney, together with The Federal Hotel Kuala Lumpur, in association with Tourism Malaysia and Malaysia Airlines, are pleased to present the Flavors of Malaysia Food Festival from Octo

Flavors of Malaysia

The Grace Hotel Sydney, together with The Federal Hotel Kuala Lumpur, in association with Tourism Malaysia and Malaysia Airlines, are pleased to present the Flavors of Malaysia Food Festival from October 7, 2010 to October 29, 2010 as Sydney swings into a month-long celebration of Crave Sydney
International Food Festival this October.

Flavors of Malaysia is a sumptuous feast for the senses and a tantalizing insight into the unique rich cultural culinary diversity and heritage of Malaysia, Truly Asia. Indulge in a sumptuous feast of authentic Malaysian cuisine, with fresh aromatic herbs and ingredients. Enjoy the culinary Taste
of Malaysia, from well-beloved local recipes, authentic nyonya specialities, traditional slow food of rendang, fresh healthy organic ulam salad, and famed hawker fares, to tempting favorite dishes from the Tunku’s Kitchen, succulent seafood, tasty meat dishes, and delectable desserts.

Award-winning chefs from The Federal Hotel Kuala Lumpur are especially flown in to showcase many of Malaysia’s favorites, reflecting the amazing range of influences from the multicultural aspects of Malaysia. During this festival, gourmet lovers will experience the diverse culinary melting pleasures from royal recipes to truly Malaysian flavors, featuring over 70 varieties that
includes favorite dishes from Malaysia’s beloved first Prime Minister, Y.T.M. Tunku Abdul Rahman, such as kurma kambing (mutton kurma cooked with spices and coconut milk); itik golek (roast duck in gravy with herbs and spices); Pajeri Nenas (pineapple in curry sauce); daging rendang (beef cooked toasted grated coconut); daging pedas (hot spicy beef); ikan goreng serai (fried fish with
lemon grass); sambal sotong (squid in chilli paste); daging manis (beef in sweet sauce); authentic Malacca Nyonya or Peranakan cuisines such as Lamb Kapitan (lamb cooked with chili and spices); Inchi Kabin (a Nyonya version of fried chicken); and the popular Malaysian hawker food ranging from sizzling Satay.

Nasi Kandar originates from Penang, and it is a meal of steamed rice, which can be plain or mildly flavored, served with a variety of curries and side dishes. Other favorites include Nasi Biryani (rice with a mixture of spices, basmati rice, and vegetables); Roti Canai (a thin bread with a flaky
crust); Roti Jala (bread that looks like a fish net) served with chicken curry; well-loved Teh Tarik (sweetened piping hot tea poured from a container into a waiting glass, the higher the pull, the thicker the froth); traditional slow-cooking food such as Kerabu salad; rojak buah (mixed fruits); pasembor salad; gado-gado vegetable salad in peanut sauce; and more.

The sweet tooth will be smitten with an array of yummy delectable desserts from the traditional street stalls such as Bubur Kacang Hijau (Green Bean dessert); Bubur Cha cha (Yam and sweet potato cubes with sago and coconut milk); Serawa Pisang (Banana in Coconut Sauce); Sago Gula Melaka (sago, coconut cream with palm sugar); Bubur Pulut Hitam (black glutinous rice dessert
cooked with sago and coconut milk); and many more!

With so many tasty mouth-watering dishes, Flavors of Malaysia is indeed a rainbow of gastronomic adventure.

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Want more? Dine at Grace Brasserie during the festival, and you will get a chance to win a Fantastic Getaway to Malaysia including a return Malaysia Airlines ticket (ex. Sydney) and 2 nights accommodation at 10 rooms @ Hotel Capitol Kuala Lumpur, located in Bukit Bintang, in the heart of Kuala Lumpur’s finest shopping, dining, and entertainment hub.


US$48 dinner buffet – special launch party on Thursday 7th October from 6pm
US$38 lunch buffet, Monday to Friday from 12pm
US$48 lunch buffet, Sunday from 12pm
US$48 dinner buffet, Friday and Saturday from 6pm

For bookings, call 02 9272 6636 or email: [email protected]


Favorite Dishes from the Tunku’s Kitchen, a 168-page coffee table cookbook of over 70 private recipes collected, is a fascinating chef’s journey, with a combination of traditional, local, and western recipes. Most importantly this legacy cookbook is Federal Hotels International & The Federal Kuala Lumpur’s tribute dedicated to Malaysia’s beloved first Prime Minister or the “Father of Independence,” who once described himself as the “happiest Prime Minister in the world.”

The Federal team mooted the idea to compile this coffeetable cookbook in September 2003 to preserve the legacy and well-loved timeless recipes
of Tunku’s favorite dishes, and it is hoped that all Malaysians and visitors from abroad may also experience the culinary pleasures of the royal family.

The team of Federal Hotels International and The Federal Kuala Lumpur hope to preserve the country’s culinary dishes, which are an important part of the country’s heritage, for the enjoyment of future generations, as many of the much well-beloved treats from recipes and cooking traditions handed down
through the generations are fast disappearing or the simple food of childhood may have been forgotten.

This compilation of specially-selected recipes of Tunku’s favorite dishes was done with the collaboration of his daughter, Y.T.M. Tunku Datin Paduka Khadijah and his niece, Y.T.M. Dato’ Mukminah Jiwa. In 2007, for the joint 50th Merdeka Celebrations to commemorate the 50th year of independence, to celebrate The Federal Hotel’s 50 glorious years of Malaysian hospitality, and to pay tribute to Y.T.M. Tunku Abdul Rahman Al Haj, Malaysian Airlines featured a selection of these favorite Tunku’s dishes for their domestic
and international routes on all classes for selected routes to Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, as well as regional routes and domestic (Sabah and Sarawak.

This cookbook on the country’s beloved first Prime Minister’s favorite private recipes has continued to generate great interest among cuisine lovers both at home in Malaysia and abroad since its launch of the first English edition on August 28, 2005.


The Grace Hotel is situated in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, only a few minutes’ walk from all the attractions of Darling Harbour, Cockle Bay, the Queen Victoria Building, Pitt St. Mall, and King St. Wharf. Housed in the elegantly restored 1930 Neo Gothic Grace building, The Grace exudes history and charm,
with the Art Deco interiors complementing the distinctive exterior.

For more information on The Grace Hotel Sydney, visit www.gracehotel.com.au or the Federal Hotels International (FHI) Group website at www.fhihotels.com .

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