India against tourists paying carbon tax


NEW DELHI(TVLW): Should a tourist coming to India to enjoy the beauty of Taj Mahal pay a carbon tax? Should India curtail the volume of tourists coming in each year as it leads to emission of greenhouse gases? India has successfully thwarted the moves by some countries to push for such proposals at the UN World Tourism Organisation that could have hurt India’s growing tourism potential.

India, led by the tourism minister, Ambika Soni, took the lead role in the 17th Session of the General Assembly of the UNWTO at Cartegena de Indias, Colombia, on Thursday to get a favourable resolution that put paid to any attempt to bring in climate change concerns into the discussions.

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The statement, proposed by India and accepted at the assembly, says that recommendations “emanating from these fora should not discriminate against developing countries by creating obstacles to the economic development and in particular of those developing countries located at long distance from tourists generating markets”.

This in effect will stonewall any attempt to use UNWTO to push for any form of ‘carbon tax’ or other forms of trade barriers in the name of environment that may inhibit growth of tourism in India. India had earlier made it clear that UNWTO is not the appropriate forum for discussing climate change.