Why Vacationing Can Help You to Live Longer

Why Vacationing Can Help You to Live Longer

The average life expectancy has doubled over the past 100 years. The reasons for this are much better healthcare, better diets, less strenuous work, and fewer wars.  The combination of these factors has combined to push the average life expectancy higher every decade over the past 60 years.

But the life expectancy rate is actually slowing down compared to the middle of last century. Doctors attribute this primarily to two factors: too much stress and increased drug use. Of the two stress is the biggest factor and in fact it can be argued that people are abusing so many drugs because they are so stressed out.

The issues around stress are so severe today that companies are demanding that their employees take time off and enjoy themselves. Some companies even now have rooms at their offices where employees can de-stress. They might listen to music, meditate, take a nap, or even watch a funny film or video, anything to break the cycle of stress that can build up really quickly no matter what type of job you have.

Stress is known to bring on all sorts of negative physical conditions including high blood pressure, and heart disease. These conditions are some of the top killers in western society today and stress is usually always a culprit in their onset.

So you need to do things that help you to relieve or even eliminate stress and it will likely help you live longer.

Taking a Vacation is a Great Way to Relieve Stress

Any medical professional will tell you that getting away on a vacation is a wonderful way to recharge yourself and relieve stress that has built up. In fact just the planning of your vacation has been proven to lower your stress levels. The reason is that vacations are designed to take you away and place you into an atmosphere that is custom made for your relaxation. Thinking about that right now will even make you less stressed.

Take a Vacation to an Amazing Destination

When you plan your vacation, you should pick a place that is known to focus on relaxing times. One great example is the lovely Greek Island Mykonos. This paradise is renowned for vacationers simply laying back and doing nothing much with their free time. There are lovely beaches where you can relax and be fed sumptuous Greek food. Of course the best way to enjoy this is at one of Mykonos’ resorts. The perfect spot is a Mykonos Beach Hotel, which has all of the amenities you need to forget about any of your cares.

You can spend all of your time at the resort during your trip, but if you choose to leave at any point, you should explore the island and its lovely topography. Mykonos has gentle hills and green meadows. There are ruins to discover of course and amazing cultural hot spots to visit. If you are a foodie, you can find great restaurants serving local or international cuisine. And if you like the nightlife, Mykonos is known as the country’s top island nightlife destination. Do it all or do none of it and the results will be the same. You will have a great time and let go of all of your stress.

When you go to Mykonos, remember to leave at home any connections or reminders of work. This is your time so treat it like it is and just relax.

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