Doctor’s orders – take a vacation


The next time you visit your doctor you could walk away with this prescription: “Take a two week vacation, twice a year.”

Marilyn Downing Staff, founder and owner of Asia Transpacific Journeys, a luxury travel company specializing in travel to Asia, is primed to fulfill doctor’s orders for quality downtime.

Recent studies published in the British Medical Journal and featured in Time magazine reveal strong evidence that time off is good medicine. For example:

• Chronic work-related stress caused can nearly double your risk of heart disease and diabetes
• Long-term exposure to stress at work appears to have a direct adverse effect on the autonomic nervous system
• An annual vacation of at least two weeks can cut the risk of heart attack in men by 32% and in women by 50%

“These are startling statistics,” says Downing Staff.

“People are beginning to view travel like a gym membership – as an investment in their health. When you consider the long-term costs associated with stress-related illnesses, travel is very inexpensive by comparison. And let’s face it, a lot more fun.”

“We all know that going on vacation makes you feel healthier, more relaxed, rejuvenated and improves your mood. Now medical studies show this isn’t just anecdotal. The only question left is: How soon can you pack your bags?”

Because vacations recharge and rejuvenate, the research shows vacations also increase performance on the job when you return to the office. Everyone benefits, including the bottom line.