RIYADH — Riyadh Governor Prince Salman called Saudi businessmen to invest in developing the Kingdom’s tourism sector to yield attractive returns.

Inaugurating the first ever Saudi Travel and Tourism Investment Market in Riyadh last night, Prince Salman pointed out that investment within the Kingdom is not only viable but investors would also find security and safety.

“Tourism plans have been designed to develop the infrastructure and economy of the Kingdom… Religious tourism is an important sector, which is unique to Saudi Arabia,” Prince Salman said, adding that the industry provides a good opportunity for people to understand the rich cultural heritage that the Kingdom is proud of.

The Riyadh governor also inaugurated an exhibition on the Kingdom’s tourist and investment potentials. A total of 25 scientific papers will be discussed during the conference, which was organized by the Supreme Commission For Tourism.

Abdul Rahman Al-Rashid, president of the Saudi Council of Chambers of Commerce and Industry, delivered the event’s welcome address. Abdullah Zainal Alireza, minister of commerce and industry, also spoke at the inaugural ceremony.

“Tourism enters a new era in the Kingdom, which is being carried out with public and private sector cooperation,” Prince Sultan ibn Salman, secretary general of the Supreme Commission for Tourism, said. To promote tourism, online visas have been introduced in cooperation with the ministries of interior, Haj and foreign affairs, he added.

Speaking about the event, Prince Sultan said it is an expression that tourism is everyone’s business and one should make the most of it. He added that the show highlights the importance of the travel and tourism sector to the Kingdom’s economy and its future plans.

He also said that the three-day conference will be highlighting a wealth of investment opportunities and addressing new and existing strategies for business and industry.