Fifteen ports on Europe’s West Coast have launched a campaign to promote a new cruise destination encompassing seven countries, seven leading cultures, and seven well-known capitals. The 15 ports, Hamburg and Bremerhaven (Germany); Ijmuiden, Amsterdam, and Rotterdam (The Netherlands); Antwerp (Belgium); Cherbourg, St. Malo, Brest, Nantes, La Rochelle, and Bordeaux (France): Santander and Vigo (Spain): and Lisbon (Portugal), founded the Atlantic Alliance to market themselves as a unique and attractive cruise destination offering many exciting possibilities of intermarries.

“Europe’s West Coast is a treasure trove for travelers seeking exclusive experiences beyond what has become conventional luxury,” said Dirk Moldenhauer Managing Director, Hamburg Cruise Center and Managing Director of the Atlantic Alliance, at Seatrade 2008.

Until now, Europe’s Atlantic seaboard has been regarded by the cruise industry as a transit and repositioning area between the Mediterranean and the Baltic. But the Atlantic Alliance members will offer cruise passengers many more and extraordinary experiences such as rich cosmopolitan cultures, great shopping, sophisticated food and wine, and the grand capitals of Europe, all in one cruise.

The Atlantic Alliance expects more ports and tourism boars to join. In August 2008, the group will issue a brochure providing the cruise lines with all necessary information about theme cruises and touristic highlights.