Radisson Blu Martinez in Beirut to be completely renovated in 2011


BEIRUT – The five star Radisson Blu Martinez Hotel in Beirut which is located within the city’s business and shopping districts has been announced as about to receive a full renovation starting in January.

The upgrades on the Radisson Blu Martinez Hotel are planned to be completed by June 2011 which should further add to the hotel’s popularity, and while the hotel will not close its doors during the renovation period, all efforts will be made to prevent any noise and disturbance to its guests.

For the guest rooms, a complete floor-by-floor renovation will take place which will be implemented in a way which will not affect guests during their stay at the hotel. The Beirut hotels manager has promised guests that, “The renovation in our hotel will take a few months and will be done in a professional manner which won’t annoy or disturb our guests.”

The renovation of this luxury hotel in Beirut means that a completely new phase will be implemented throughout the hotel’s public areas, including the reception, lobby lounge, restaurants and guests’ rooms, right down to the tiniest detail.

Key to the upgrade will be the “Olivos” restaurant which will be transformed into the “Filini” Italian restaurant, with everything in the restaurant receiving a thorough make-over, from the menu through to the plates, dishes and decorations.

The complete makeover of the rooms, will include a modern design and furniture created specifically to fit the theme and hotel’s new look.

The lobby lounge will also receive a complete remodeling, featuring a modern new design with new lighting and colors, as well as facilities to provide a welcoming space for group entertaining. Alternatively, guests wanting to maintain a feeling of privacy can conduct their meetings or connect socially in the Filini bar.

The goal of the renovation is to improve and change the Radisson Blu Martinez Hotel in Beirut in order to match the demands of guests and their modern lives whilst enabling them to feel as comfortable as they would in their own home.