crystal ball was right again


NAPA, California – American Airlines Passengers have had enough. After a huge protest in Miami and a severe delay, passengers have hit the tipping point.

The equilibrium that was struck between low fares and flight delays has been shattered. Expect more of the same, and worse.

“Last year a jet in Moscow had been sitting on the tarmac for 5 hours waiting for a gate. It was 105 degrees Fahrenheit inside the plane. No water, no food, no hygienic toilets, no dignity. One man popped the emergency exit and fell on his head getting massive head injuries. When emergency crews arrived at the plane, there were people passed out from heat prostration,” said Kate Hanni, founder-president,

In China last week, 52 people staged a protest after sitting on the tarmac for 3 hours, and when told their flight was canceled, refused to exit, deciding to stage a sit-in on the plane until they got a guarantee of reaching their destination.

Just yesterday AA had a passenger revolt due to crew unavailability (1 1/5 hours late).

“We predicted this result. If this isn’t a wake up call for our domestic airlines, then what is?” furthered Kate. “Apparently it will take a death by stranding in order for our airlines to wake up,” said Kate. “Video tape and document your experiences so they have proof. Some airlines and airports are declaring it’s against the law, but that simply is not true.”

The Coalition is the worlds leading passengers’ advocacy group. We believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The Government must step in and pass H.R. 6355 a bill that would give minimum passengers’ rights.

“This crisis is a culmination of things – high fares, service reductions, flight crew apathy, baggage losses, safety violations, the FAA not inspecting the jets, and a generalized ignorance on the part of the airlines. The domestic airlines are pushing this as far as they can push it until someone dies as a direct result of their misconduct,” Kate said.