Indian tourists outspend Americans in Britain


LONDON – The number of Indian tourists to Britain has grown by 170 per cent since 1993, and they are outspending American visitors, a report said Saturday.

The report comes after the London Mayor’s office reported Indian tourists outspending Japanese visitors to the British capital last year.

The 376,000 Indians who visited Britain in 2006 are dwarfed by the number of Americans, 3.5 mn of whom travelled to Britain in 2007.

However, whereas the average American tourist spent 710 pounds last year, the Indian traveller spent 793 pounds, the Times reported quoting official figures.

“In 10 years’ time, if the (tourism) growth rates stay the same, this (India) could be one of our biggest markets,” said Elliott Frisby, a spokesman for the official body, Visit-Britain.

In contrast to Indians, there had been a 7.9 per cent reduction in the number of American tourists between 2006 and 2007, with American travellers now looking for new adventures.

Later this year, London is to host India’s largest travel agents’ convention, the first time it has been outside Asia, the newspaper said.