Home based agents have lots to learn at THETRADESHOW


This year, home-based agents will have a myriad of learning opportunities at THETRADESHOW being held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, from September 12-14, 2010. Scott Koepf, former NACTA president, will provide a keynote that will challenge participants to think differently about their businesses and show them how to become uniquely successful. The key to retail travel is marketing, and Scott will cover how to change the way home-based agents go to market to provide long-term benefits! Ronnie Gurion, president of Orbitz Worldwide Distribution, will be a featured speaker, discussing how the recently-launched Orbitz for Agent program is creating new opportunities for traditional travel agents. The keynote presentation will be followed by educational seminars led by NACTA:

Marketing – By You, For You and All About You
Presented by Scott Koepf, CTC, MCC

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To be successful as a travel agent today, everything comes down to marketing. But not marketing of product or destinations. Instead you need to focus on what is different about you, who you want to do business with, and why you are, well, simply marvelous. Scott will walk you through the process of establishing your brand and show how to build your brochure with the exclusive NACTA One Sheet!

Groups: Lather, Rinse, Repeat!
Presented by Mary Clegg, NACTA vice president

Group business should be the foundation of your travel business. With a good group base you will find great financial rewards with less transactions and greater customer loyalty. Learn how to:

– Develop a group marketing plan to build a group base for each quarter.
– Find and keep those groups.
– Find potential group leaders and build a trusting relationship.
– Work your groups from start to finish.
– Get current groups to deposit their next trip “repeat” before they return home.

Home Alone? Understanding and Choosing the Right Business Model for Your Independent Travel Business
Presented by Joanie Ogg, CTC, MCC

Uncover the variety of business models and choices you have for operating your home-based travel business in an unbiased and fact-based seminar. Key discussion points include:

– Going solo using your own booking identifiers- what’s out there and what does it cost?
– The host agency option.
– The franchise option.
– Consortiums and home-based agencies – what do you need?
– Identity and supplier recognition.

Marketing – What to do to Increase Your Travel Business
Presented by Scott Koepf, CTC, MCC

You are in the marketing business, and here is the opportunity to learn how to successfully brand and promote yourself. Learn how to:

– Establish your uniqueness.
– Find your target audience.
– Feature the right products.
– Create the right message.
– Become a sought-after expert!

Home-based agents who charge fees and how they do it
Moderated by Mary Clegg, NACTA vice president
Panelists: Penney Rudicil; Sheila Ward Shaw; Siobhan Coen, CMP

Ever wonder how some agents can charge fees and their clients happily pay them for their services? Join us and learn the specifics from a panel of successful home-based agents on how you can implement service fees without losing your client base. You will learn:

– Who to charge – should you charge every customer or just specific customers for specific work?
– What to charge- how much should your fees be?
– When to charge – should you charge upfront prior to starting your work or after completion of the work?
– Where to charge – should you charge for specific destinations or types of trips?
– Why to charge – should you get paid for researching a trip or only if a trip is booked, and does it really add to the bottom line?
– Lastly, does it matter if you are home-based or in a brick-and-mortar travel agency to justify your fees?

NACTA Kissimmee & Orlando Area Destinational

After THETRADESHOW, a fantastic supplier training and destination training will take place in Kissimmee and Orlando, September 14-18, 2010, hosted by former NACTA president Scott Koepf and current NACTA vice president Mary Clegg. The price includes the listed inclusions on the itinerary, which you may view here. Hotel is not included and can be booked directly with the host hotel, which is still under negotiation. The anticipated rate will be from US$99 to US$139 per room, per night.

For registration and information, please go to: http://www.thetradeshow.org/nacta.cfm .