Another fun reason to visit Trinidad and Tobago: Hashing !

Another fun reason to visit Trinidad and Tobago: Hashing !

The World Inter Hash 2020 has been added to another fun reason to travel Trinidad and Tobago. The islands are already known to be a more colorful and more fun travel and tourism destination. The world-famous Carnival is what everyone thinks about, but now World Inter Hash 2020 will add to the  reasons to book a vacation to Trinidad and Tobago.

Situated at the southernmost end of the Caribbean Island chain and 11 miles from Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago is considered the gateway to the Americas. Home to 1.3 million culturally diverse people, Trinidad and Tobago is the melting pot of the region. These lush, rainforest islands boast of many rivers crisscrossing the land, surrounded by warm, sunny beautiful beaches.

Hash­ing is a fun non competing event and re­quires par­tic­i­pants to run through var­i­ous ter­rains—in­clud­ing beach­es, hills, val­leys, rivers, forest­ed ar­eas, cities and rur­al dis­tricts with friends which will al­low them to view nat­ur­al at­trac­tions, flo­ra, and fau­na along the way.

Loads of beer is one of the rewards for “hashers” according to the World Inter Hash website.

Thousands of international trail runners are expected to visit Trinidad and Tobago next year to participate in this country’s first hosting of the World Inter Hash 2020 from April 23-26.


Another fun reason to visit Trinidad and Tobago: Hashing !

World Interhash 2020 Trinidad and Tobago

Tourism Minister, the Honorable Randall Mitchell says: “There are many economic benefits to the derived from the hosting of Inter Hash 2020 in this country, as tour operators, hoteliers, AIRBNB operators, taxi drivers, and other stakeholders are all expected to benefit.”
Minster Mitchell said the event is also expected to boost our visitor arrival as thousands of registrants are expected to participate in sporting and other events on both islands.”

He said: “The initiative is expected to capitalize on sport and even tourism niches.”

Hashers, who range in ages from 45 to 80, will run through several communities, including Maracas, Arima, Gran Couva and Chaguarama- where they will be a J’ouvert Run which will include our cultural tourism product offering.”

Over 2000 hashers from more than 75 countries have already registered to participate.

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