World Spa Awards names Maui Healing Retreat “Hawaii’s Best Wellness Retreat 2019”

World Spa Awards names Maui Healing Retreat “Hawaii’s Best Wellness Retreat 2019”

The inauguration of the World Spa Awards in 2015 marked a shift happening in the vacation retreat industry. An increasing number of travelers are seeking experiences. Simply escaping the 9-5 isn’t enough. Travelers want a reset of body, mind, and spirit. Instead of a spa day, they are looking for a complete wellness experience. A universal need for transformational journeys and vacations is apparent, and that is where World Spa Awards steps in to shed light on the best of the best wellness options.

None represent this industry shift in Hawaii more than Maui Healing Retreat. This organization offers completely customizable wellness retreat packages including accommodations, healing sessions, tours, spa treatments, food and more. With such a well-rounded offering and outstanding guest reviews, it’s no surprise that the World Spa Awards has just named Maui Healing retreat “Hawaii’s Best Wellness Retreat 2019.”

Maui Healing Retreat gives vacationers a chance to experience spa travel without having to feel stuck at a hotel. They have access to exclusive tours around Maui, delivery of nutritious meals, as well as offering massage and other rejuvenating treatments to help guests transcend and transform. A frontrunner in wellness travel, they provide “life enhancing, soul-satisfying vacation experiences, and the island of Maui is the perfect backdrop for a truly transformative experience.”

With this shift in wellness travel, guests seek to return home different than when they left after being completely immersed in their wellness retreat. Travelers are seeking clarity and inspiration, not just a run-of-the-mill break from normal life. This search for change is appearing across ages and religions.

It is becoming more customary in society to cope with major life changes and transitions by making an inward change. Many guests are experiencing changes that are specific to their own spiritual growth and mental mindset.

With this shift, the search for quality healing travel spots will only continue to grow. On the same note, Hawaii will always be an ideal destination for those wishing to break free of the daily routine and find solace in the oceans, mountains, and jungles. Providing access to that solace, Maui Healing Retreat sets a shining example of wellness vacationing helping their guests transform and transcend.

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