Low-cost airline to begin operations in Ukraine


Kiev – A Hungarian low-cost airline received final approval to began operations in Ukraine, ending unchallenged control of the former Soviet republic’s air-passenger market by high-price domestic carriers.

Budapest-headquartered Wizz Air obtained certification to operate an Airbus 320 aircraft on Ukrainian internal routes, and expected the maiden flight to take place in July, company officials said.

The new service will link the Ukrainian capital Kiev with the cities Odessa, Simferopol and Lviv.

The price of the cheapest one-way ticket on the airline, the equivalent of 18 dollars, is as much as eight times cheaper than a flight along the same route aboard a domestic airline.

Natalia Kazmer, a Wizz Air spokeswoman, predicted a ‘price revolution’ in Ukraine’s air passenger industry.

Wizz Air intends to open an international link connecting Kiev with European destinations by October, she said.

Ukraine’s government led by market reformers had promised an opening up of the country’s airways to foreign competition by the end of June.

Ukraine’s Ministry of Transport has approved entrance into the Ukrainian market of low-cost Germanwings and is in talks with an unnamed Arab budget airline.