Stevenswood Spa Resort remains undamaged by California wildfires


MENDICINO COAST, California – Officials of Stevenswood Spa Resort announced today that the property and surrounding area remain safe from the California wildfires. Additionally, the resort has been serving as a base camp for emergency officials, ranging from volunteers to firefighters, battling the wildfires raging through the area.

“While there is some light smoke in the area, we remain clear and beautiful at the Stevenswood Resort and Spa,” said Connie Sackman, Stevenswood Spa Resort team member. “All roads leading to and from the property are accessible and open for business. We have received literally hundreds of calls and emails from concerned friends of the resort and want to let everyone know that things are fine here.”

The closest burn areas are approximately 30 minutes away from Stevenswood Resort Spa, and those are completely under control. The other main fire zones are 45 to 70 minutes away, and the prevailing winds are blowing all smoke, ash and debris away from the coast.

In addition to its business-as-usual status, the resort also is operating as a home base for several small departments and agencies, using its radios, phone and fax lines for information distribution and planning purposes. Employees also are busy providing their time, as well as food and beverages, to some volunteers.

“As a member of the community, we are proud to do our small part to help keep the community safe,” Sackman added. “We will continue to provide these services as long as they are deemed necessary by these brave men and women battling the blazes.”